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Illinois Has More Coal Ash Disposal Sites than Any Other State

Illinois generates more than 4.4 million tons of coal ash EVERY YEAR, and imports coal ash (or coal combustion waste) from six or more other states.  Illinois ranks first in the nation with respect to the total number of coal ash disposal sites in the country, and second for the most contaminated sites.  This waste, one of the most toxic substances known to human kind, is stored in over over 90 coal ash disposal pit through the state.

Do You Live Near Coal Ash?

Click on this interactive map prepared by Prairie Rivers Network to learn about coal ash stored at a power plant near you.  Read more about the impacts of living near coal ash in the reports provided below, and details about specific plants included in the fact sheets.  Be sure to add your voice to the growing list of supporters for strong coal ash rules and responsible cleanup by coal-power producers in Illinois!


Click for interactive map prepared by Prairie Rivers Network.

 Background Reports

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet (Overview)

Vermillion Powerton Duck Creek
Havana Marion Joppa
Edwards Will County Joliet