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One of the ingredients of change is to link information with moral principles.  We can all read about coal mining and its impacts on the air, land and water resources of an adjacent community.  But without seeing the destruction and meeting those impacted, we’re likely just to process what we read and move on.

Eco-Justice Collaborative regularly leads delegations to:

  • Montgomery and Macoupin Counties in south-central Illinois to showcase the impacts of longwall mining on some of the most important farmland in the world and the communities whose livelihood depends on this productive farmland.
  • Saline, Williamson and Gallitan Counties in southern Illinois to experience the beauty of the area and the landscape that is forever changed by strip mining.

Longwall and strip mining in Illinois are the state’s version of mountaintop removal mining.  The impacts are just as severe for those who are affected

  • Planned subsidence associated with longwall mining lowers land 4 to 6 feet, causing prime farmland to pond.  It also cracks building foundations and walls, contaminates streams and damages septic systems and wells.
  • Strip mining destroys forest and farmland, and uses explosives to access coal seams,
  • Toxic wastes are stored in huge impoundments that threaten communities’ drinking water supplies.
  • Noise, vibrations and dust from coal mining operations (including truck traffic, coal storage, transport, and blasting); damaged or destroyed property; adverse travel for farmers and residents (rerouted drainage ditches, closed access roads); decreased property values; and overall diminished quality of life are among the impacts realized by those who choose not to move away.

if you are interested in talking with residents directly affected, and learning about alternatives to coal, email us today.

Watch these Slide Shows

Photos provide a snapshot of the destructive practices of longwall and strip mining in Illinois’ heartland.

Old Slave House

Old Slave House. Photo by Pam Richart, Eco-Justice Collaborative

Click here or on the image above for photos of EJC’s April 2015 Southern Illinois – Rocky Branch Mine and Cottage Grove Mine, Strip Mining; and Galatia Mine, Underground Mining


Click here or on the image above for photos of one of EJC’s delegations to Central Illinois, – Deer Run Mine, Longwall Mining