Sample Comment for ICC Docket No. 17-0311
Ameren Illinois’ 2018 – 2021 Energy Efficiency and Demand-Response Plan

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Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Docket No. 17-0311. I am writing to express my concern and disappointment over the energy efficiency and demand response plan Ameren Illinois filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission.  This plan falls far short of delivering the benefits Ameren promised in the Future Energy Jobs Act.

Ameren Illinois must be required to meet their readily-achievable statutory requirements of 16 percent by 2030 that they agreed to just eight months ago.  Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to reduce energy bills for consumers, especially low-income consumers and communities of color hardest hit by rising costs and stagnant wages in Illinois. Energy efficiency also leads to cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.  Plus, energy efficiency can create thousands of new jobs in Ameren’s service area for communities that need them most.  The plan that Ameren Illinois has filed with the ICC compromises these benefits and the health and welfare of their own customers.

For these reasons, Ameren’s statutory energy efficiency targets must be maintained – not lowered. Why should Ameren Illinois be allowed to lower their targets and reap $36 million in bonuses for exceeding lower targets, while downstate communities lose out on cleaner air, reduced climate-causing carbon emissions, and jobs?

Please hold Ameren Illinois to their statutory requirements.  Studies show they can meet these targets without compromising energy efficiency programs they have promised their low-income consumers.