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Support Illinois Communities Affected by Coal Ash Pollution
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is requiring the closure of unlined, leaking coal ash impoundments across the country by October 2020. But Illinois does not have the tools in place it needs to handle the 80+ impoundments that exist at approximately two dozen power plant sites across our state.

That’s why we are writing today. We are asking you to take just three minutes of your time to fill out a witness slip in support of SB9, Senator Scott Bennett’s bill, The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act. This bill provides direction for a rule-making process that will ensure safe closure of Illinois’ coal ash impoundments; a meaningful public involvement process; and financial guarantees that require the polluter to pay for closure and cleanup. SB 9 will be considered by the Senate Environment and Conservation Committee this coming Thursday, May 9 at 11:00am, and your support can influence this Committee’s decision.

Slip to Support SB9, Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act
BEFORE 11:00 am on Thursday, May 9
SB9 Factsheet

Our goal is to have over a 1,000 people “slip” in favor of this bill.  You can “slip” both as an individual, AND again for an organization that you represent. Just follow theses simple directions:

Click here for access to the witness slip for Senator Bennet’s bill (SB9).  Then:

  • Section I: Enter your name, address, phone, zip, etc.  If you are authorized to represent an organization, please enter the name of that organization and your title, if you have one.  If you do not, enter “None”, or “Self”.
  • Section II:  If you are authorized to represent your organization, fill in its name here. If you are not, enter “Self”.
  • Section III:  Click the button for “Proponent”.  If needed, be sure to use the dropdown menu to display SFA3 (it is the only option).
  • Section IV:  Click “Record of Appearance Only” unless you plan to testify.

At the bottom:  Click that you agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Click “Create (Slip)”.  You will be sent a confirmation notice by email.

NOTE:  All fields need to be filled in.  

As a supporter of our Protect the Middle Fork Campaign, you already know that coal ash is a byproduct of burning coal.  It contains a toxic soup of metals, including arsenic, mercury, lead and chromium.

But you may NOT know that Illinois has the most coal ash dumps of any state, with at least 80 dumps at 24 power plant sites. Only two of these dumps are lined.  And, at every ash dump in Illinois where groundwater has been tested, toxic coal ash pollutants have been shown to be leaking into groundwater. Other states, such as Virginia, and North Carolina, and South Carolina have adopted coal ash legislation, and we should too.

Senator Bennett has been a leading champion in our campaign to protect the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River from coal ash pollution.  Now it is your turn to provide the support he needs to take The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act to the senate for a full vote, and ensure all Illinois communities are protected from this deadly waste.

Thank you for taking action,


Pam and Lan, Co-Diretors,
Eco-Justice Collaborative

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