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Solar Energy at John A. Logan Community College
Made Possible by the Future Energy Jobs Act

John A. Logan College in Carterville, Illinois, built a large solar array thanks to 2016’s Future Energy Jobs Act. Take a look at the short video, and learn how FEJA made this possible!  John A. Logan now is supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), because they want to see schools and colleges across the state benefit from the savings they are now enjoying.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act will ramp up renewable energy development in our state by beyond that realized by the Future Energy Jobs Act, by committing Illinois to:

  • Reaching 100% renewable energy by 2050 (power sector).
  • Cutting carbon from the power sector by 2030.
  • Reducing gas and diesel vehicles from the transportation sector.
  • creating jobs and economic opportunity.

In June of 2017, the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) became law in Illinois. FEJA accelerates the growth of renewable energy in Illinois, expands the state’s energy efficiency goals to dramatically reduce electricity waste and lower bills, devotes $750 million to job training, includes community solar that will allow those who can’t install solar panels directly on their own property to buy into projects built elsewhere; and funds the Illinois Solar for All Program with a focus on providing access to solar energy and jobs to low-income communities. When lawmakers passed the bill in 2016, it was hailed as one of the most significant energy policies aimed at addressing climate change to ever win the endorsement of the Illinois General Assembly

In 2017, Eco-Justice Collaborative served as lead organizer to bring forums and workshops to downstate Illinois communities who have experienced significant job loss associated with reduced production of coal, and closures of coal mines and coal plants. John A. Logan hosted forums and workshops, that were attended by individuals and organizations wishing to take advantage of incentives and programs associated with FEJA.  Click here for programs and resources.

Information about the Solar Array
Size:  Approximately 2MW                                  
Type:  Ground Mounted
Number of Panels:  5600
Occupies:  10 acres                        
Energy Provided: 40% of John A Logan’s energy needs        
Anticipated savings:  Tens of thousands of dollars
When Installed: 2019

The solar panel project involves three main partners: the college; a third-party investor group, which will own and manage the system; and the contractor responsible for building the plant. It’s among the pioneering solar panel projects in downstate Illinois made possible by FEJA, which was the impetus for the creation of Illinois Shines. This Illinois Shines is the brand name for the Adjustable Block Program – a state-administered incentive program supporting the development of new solar energy generation in Illinois.  It was this program that made John A. Logan’s ambitious solar panel project possible.

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