Help Pass Governor Pritzker’s
Clean Energy and Climate Bill!

If you live in Illinois’ 52nd District, Senator Scott Bennett needs to hear from you!  We are asking him to support Governor Pritzker’s clean energy and climate equity bill. It puts Illinois on a path to a 100% clean energy future, while gradually phasing out coal and natural gas plants in Illinois, including Prairie State in southern Illinois.

Some Illinois legislators, like Senator Bennett, want to exempt Prairie State from the bill. But, this coal plant is the largest emitter of carbon pollution in the Illinois, and the 7th largest in the country. It also is responsible for 76 pre-mature deaths every year.

The Governor’s bill:

  • Sets a closure date of 2035 for coal plants and 2045 for gas plants, with interim targets so that we aren’t delaying action on climate for 20 years. It also would allow the Prairie State Energy Campus and Springfield CWLP’s Dallman station to stay open until 2045 if they can achieve 90% carbon-capture by 2035.
  • Provides a just transition for workers and communities historically dependent on dirty fossil fuels. This includes financial assistance for communities losing property taxes and jobs, and workforce and contractors hubs across the state that will provide job training and help with career placement. Two of these will be located in Champaign and Danville..
  • Creates jobs and wealth in Illinois’ communities of color and reduces utility bills for families and businesses struggling to make ends meet.
  • Includes some of the toughest utility accountability measures in the nation.

A bill that keeps Prairie State open is neither a clean energy nor a climate bill. Join EJC, and ask Senator Bennett to be a champion for clean energy and climate. Help pass the Governor’s bill, one of the most comprehensive in the country!

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Need to Know More?
Read this letter from the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition to the General Assembly and Governor Pritzker.

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