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SB9, The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act
Cap and Run: Toxic Coal Ash Left Behind by Big Polluters Threatens Illinois Water, was released in November 2018. This report revealed unsafe concentrations of dangerous coal ash pollutants in groundwater at 22 of 24 reporting coal ash dumpsites in Illinois. Coal ash, a byproduct of burning coal, contains a toxic brew of metals, including arsenic, mercury, lead, and chromium. These leaking coal ash impoundments are a threat to our communities health and our water.

The good news is that Illinois legislators are actively doing something about it.

With the leadership of Senator Scott Bennett, the Illinois Senate approved groundbreaking coal ash legislation on May 9. SB9, The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act, gives the Illinois EPA the tools it needs to create a state-administered coal ash program, and the resources required to review and permit the numerous coal ash closure plans mandated by the US EPA. SB9 will provide protection for Illinois communities and ensure taxpayers aren’t left on the hook for cleanup. Representative Carol Ammons has taken up the bill as chief sponsor.

The 2015 federal rule requires unlined, leaking coal ash impoundments to be closed by October 31, 2020.  Companies like Vistra and NRG, owners and operators of most of the coal plants in Illinois, have known for some time they would need to close their leaking impoundments. 

We need the House to join the Senate. Tell your state representative to vote for SB9 when it comes to the floor of the House!

Send this Letter to Your Representative
Take a moment to personalize this letter. If your representative is Carol Ammons, be sure to replace the text in the form with a short note thanking her for moving SB9 forward through the House.

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