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Illinois Has A Major Coal Ash Problem
Slip to Support SB9, Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act

SLIP HERE before 2pm, Thursday, May 16
SB9 Factsheet

Does it seem like we just asked you to do this?  Yes.  In fact, we did!  And, with your support, under the leadership of Senator Scott Bennett, SB9 The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act passed the Senate Energy & Environment Committee and then the floor of the Senate. The Senate Committee Hearing began by acknowledging the number of proponents and opponents for the bill, setting the stage for testimony and discussion.

State Representative Carol Ammons

State Representative Carol Ammons, 103rd District, Illinois

State Representative Carol Ammons is taking the SB9 through the Illinois House.  It will be heard by the House Energy & Environment Committee on Thursday, May 16, at 2pm.

We Need Your Help to Pass this Bill!
Take two minutes to fill out a witness slip in support of SB9, The Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act (see directions, below). This bill provides direction for a rule-making process that will ensure safe closure of Illinois’ coal ash impoundments; a meaningful public involvement process; and financial guarantees that require the polluter to pay for closure and cleanup.

Industry and supporters have indicated that this bill will cost them a lot of money.  And while that is true, it really is a USEPA rule that is requiring closure of unlined, leaking coal ash impoundments in Illinois.  Over 50 impoundments will need to close in Illinois because of this rule. SB 9 simply gives the tools the Illinois EPA needs to run a state-administered coal ash program, while providing protections for Illinois communities impacted by this deadly waste.

SLIP HERE as a PROPONENT of this bill. Anyone can submit a slip to show their support.
  • Section I: Enter your name, address, phone, zip, etc.  Enter “Self” unless you represent an organization in a official capacity.
  • Section II:  Enter “Self” unless you represent an organization in a official capacity.
  • Section III:  Click the button for “Proponent”.  The description will say “Original Bill” as the only option.
  • Section IV:  Click “Record of Appearance Only”.

At the bottom:  Click that you agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Click “Create (Slip)”.  You will be sent a confirmation notice by email.

After you slip, see the results here. NOTE:  All fields need to be filled in.

Support SB9, Coal Ash Pollution Prevention Act!

Tell Your State Representative to Support SB9!
If you haven’t yet sent a letter to your Illinois state representative, please do so right away using this online form. It’s easy, and your representative needs to hear from you!


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