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Why Is the Clean Energy Jobs Act Important?
Illinois Governor Pritzker wants Illinois to lead on climate.  His equitable energy and climate bill will reduce power plant pollution and move Illinois to 100% clean energy by 2050, and gradually phase out coal and natural gas plants by 2035 and 2045 respectively. But that's not all.  His bill:

This bill was developed by a broad coalition organizations across the state. EJC is proud to be part of that coalition!

Send a Letter to Governor Pritzker and Your State Senator and Representative Today!
Illinois legislators are running out of time to pass an equitable, comprehensive climate and energy bill, and the cost of doing nothing is colossal. Thousands of union workers & solar installers will lose their jobs, utility companies will keep racking up profits, & BIPOC communities won’t have access to the clean energy economy.

And, the IPCC's new report makes it clear that we need to act NOW.  Illinois is home to the Prairie State coal plant, the 7th largest emitter of CO2 in the country. Illinois' elected officials must do their part to reduce emissions, and the Governor's bill would close this plant as part of its plan to phase out coal.

Take a moment to contact Governor Pritzker and your state senator and representative today! Let them know you want them to pas the Governor's equitable, clean energy and climate  bill.  #FossilFreeIL