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Why Is the Clean Energy Jobs Act Important?
Governor Pritzker recently announced that clean energy legislation must make Illinois a renewable energy leader. That’s what the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) will do, and why we need to ask him pass CEJA this spring!

This legislation will reduce power plant pollution and move Illinois to 100% clean energy by 2050. But that’s not all.  As Illinois grapples with unprecedented job losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, CEJA would create new jobs in communities where workers and small businesses have been hit hardest and need support now. These are predominantly communities of color experiencing disproportionate numbers of COVID-19 illnesses and deaths and those downstate that have been left in a lurch by coal plant closures.

In addition, CEJA:

Unlike other energy bills, the Clean Energy Jobs Act was developed by a broad coalition organizations across the state. EJC is proud to be part of that coalition!

Will you will take a few moments to ask Gov. Pritzker and Illinois lawmakers to take up this bill in this spring?  We need to pass CEJA to educe harmful climate-causing emissions; protect the health and welfare of our communities, and equitably boost our economy. #CEjACantWait.

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