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It’s Time to Write Governor Pritzker
Governor Pritzker has come out on the right side of protecting communities and our environment from coal ash pollution. During the 2018 gubernatorial campaign, he tweeted the following in response to an article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune in January 2018 about coal ash and the Middle Fork:

Coal ash pollution is a threat to our environment and public health, and it’s time Illinois had a governor who is committed to protecting our environment. Unlike Bruce Rauner, that’s the type of leader I’ll be. J.B. Pritzker


It’s time to remind him of Governor Pritzker of this commitment, and ask him to work with John Kim, Acting Director, Illinois EPA to require Dynegy-Midwest Generations to move its toxic ash from the floodplain of the Middle Fork, Illinois’ National Scenic River.  That’s the only permanent solution for the leaking ash pits that are vulnerable to the natural forces of this meandering river.

Read the letter, below.  Then add your contact information in the form to the right to access the letter and send. Personalizing the letter will have the greatest impact.

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What Can You Do?
Use the form below to write Governor Pritzker and IEPA Director Kim today. Urge them to stop the massive bank stabilization project proposed by Dynegy and require Dynegy to move its toxic waste away from the Middle Fork.  Moving  the ash is the only solution that will protect the river from ongoing pollution and communities from a catastrophic coal ash spill.


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