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Vandana Shiva and John Edel to Keynote
Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago November 2012 Event!

EJC is collaborating with others to bring the first-ever Bioneers event to Chicago the weekend of November 2-4, 2012!  The gathering will take place at the University of Illinois, Student Center east.  We’re proud to announce that Vandana Shiva and John Edel have accepted invitations to keynote our inaugural event!

Vandana Shiva is one of the world’s most powerful voices for global environmental justice and cultural and ecological diversity. She also is author of numerous books including Stolen Harvest: The Hijacking of the Global Food Supply.

John Edel is one of Chicago’s innovators and developer of The Plant – part vertical farm, part-food-business incubator, and part research and education space in a former 93,000 square-foot meat-packing facility.  When complete, the building will be off the grid and zero waste, closing resource loops.

Our theme, The Living City, recognizes that Chicago, just like other living organisms, responds to change both from within and from the outside.  It grows and matures when it is healthy; it declines when it is not.  Our keynote speakers will help us challenge participants to think about what we need to do to ensure the long-term healthy functioning of our shared body. The weekend will explore this question through education and interactive workshops, encouraging collaboration continues beyond the November event.

Interested in learning more?  Or getting involved in the planning?  Visit Great Lakes Chicago Bioneers or contact Pam Richart directly!

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