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Eco-Justice Collaborative

Solutions that combine environmental, economic and social justice.

Welcome to Eco-Justice Collaborative ...
Ecological responsibility in linkage with social justice is what the world needs now. Healthy earth community requires advocacy and action on urgent environmental issues in ways that connect with struggles for social and economic justice. Eco-Justice envisions and values ecology and justice together, since there will be little environmental health without socio-economic justice, and vice-versa.- Dieter T. Hessel

What's Happening ...
Read about EJC's work in clean energy, coal ash, and natural climate solutions. We strive to ensure there is a focus on inclusion, diversity, equity and opportunities for people of color.

Sounding the Climate Alarm
Scientists have agreed that limiting global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C would help us avoid the worst climate impacts and maintain a livable climate. Yet, according to the IPCC’s latest report, CO2 emissions could exceed 2.°C by 2060 and nearly 6°C under very high GHG emissions scenario by 2100.

The last time global surface temperature was sustained at or above 2.5°C higher than 1850–1900 was over 3 million years ago!  Learn more ...

Coal Ash Removal Meetings!
Have you heard? Dynegy is proposing to move its ash! Current plans show they would demolish their power plant and move the coal ash from the floodplain to a new landfill to be constructed on the coal plant's footprint. This is what we all have been asking for!

As part of an interim order agreement with the Illinois Attorney General's Office for coal ash removal, Dynegy was asked to hold a public information meeting in December. These meetings are taking place on December 9, 2021. Click here to read more.

About EJC ...
We are an-all volunteer organization that collaborates with others to get things done.  We have closed coal-power plants, passed coal ash legislation, and now are working on natural climate solutions as a way to avert climate catastrophe. Click here to learn about our mission and work, and to get to know our Board.  Click the images below to learn about our work.