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Background Information
The following provides information that is useful for understanding the scope and breadth of this campaign, including information on the hazards of coal ash pollution.  This section is dynamic, and reports, resolution, and press releases will be added as the campaign progresses.

Coal Ash:  The Toxic Threat to Our Health and Environment. Physicians for Social Responsibility and EarthJustice. 2010.

Dangerous Waters:  America’s Coal Ash Crisis. Sierra Club. 2014.
Dynegy Factsheet Illinois
Dynegy’s Toxic Assets:  Legacy Coal Pollution in the Heartland

Illinois at Risk:  Lax safeguards and no enforcement endanger the water, air & lives of residents near coal ash dumps.  Environmental Integrity Project and Prairie Rivers Network. 2011.

Letters to Governor Rauner and IEPA Director 
Vermilion County Board Chair. March 4, 2016
Lake Vermilion Water Quality Coalition. March 24, 2016
Vermilion Conservation District. March 24, 2016
Eco-Justice Collaborative. March 30, 2016

Background on Dynegy
3 ways Dynegy is trying to make Illinoisans bail out its aging coal fleet
Dynegy’s Double Bailout Called into Question at Hearing
Dynegy Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results. Updates 2016 GuidanceReporting
Dynegy 2016 Annual Report
Dynegy – Wikepedia