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It’s people like you who make a difference in the quest for justice.
Can you donate to EJC today?

Why Eco-Justice Collaborative?
We’re a small non-profit, but achieve a lot with the resources we have.  Your donation will support our work and campaigns aimed at:

  • Helping protect the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River – Illinois’ only National Scenic River – from coal ash pollution by ensuring the safe removal and relocation of coal ash from the river’s floodplain (Dynegy agreed to move its ash in June 2021)
  • Working to prevent runaway climate change through natural climate solutions that capture and store carbon in the ground; reduce soil erosion; improve water quality; and provide opportunities for community resilience through the production of healthy food, locally.
  • Bringing about a future where clean, safe, renewable forms of energy are deployed to meet society’s needs, and that resources are distributed fairly and justly.
  • Showcasing solutions to today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges that work with nature and promote healing and restoration of our degraded planet.
  • Collaborating with others, bringing together the collective wisdom of the group and expanding our reach.

No matter how small, your contribution can help us continue our work and expand our capabilities.

Thanks for all you do to bring about meaningful and essential change!

Lan and Pam Richart, Co-Directors
Eco-Justice Collaborative
919 West University Avenue
Champaign, IL 61821