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Help Get Illinois' Climate Bill
Across the Finish Line!

On September 3, the Illinois Senate passed a bill that sets a clear closure date for toxic coal plants. While the Senate agreed to a final closure date for the Prairie State and Dallman coal plants, this date was 2045, ten years later than all other plants in the state. Prairie State is the largest polluter in Illinois and the 7th largest in the country.  Reductions of emissions between now and 2045 are essential if this bill is to provide meaningful action on climate.

To respond to the need to set interim emission reduction targets for this two coal plants, legislation was introduced in the House with an important amendment. This bill mirrors what passed the Senate earlier this week, but requires these two plants to achieve a 45 percent emissions reduction by 2035 and mandates closure by 2045.

Now It's Your Turn!
The House of Representatives will vote on this updated bill this week. Then, it will be brought back to the Senate for a final vote of concurrence before being sent to the Governor for his signature. Governor Pritzker has indicated he will sign a bill that includes closing dates and interim target dates for Prairie State.

So now, it is up to us to give the final push and urge our legislators to vote for this bill. The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (SB 1751, House Amendment 1 ) addresses the climate crisis; creates thousands of equitable job; and holds utilities accountable.

Ask Your Legislators o support the Climate and Equity Jobs Bill!
Click the link here, or the button below.  Fill out your contact information; and then click NEXT to read and edit your letter. Then click SEND MESSAGE.

Please send this letter  even if you have sent a letter before. It includes language specific to Prairie State and Dallman.

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