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We need a CO2 Pipeline Moratorium!
Federal tax incentives are fueling the development of carbon capture and sequestration projects, and that includes carbon dioxide pipelines, which transport CO2 from industrial sources in the Midwest to Illinois for storage deep underground.  But CO2 pipelines are dangerous and carry a toxic asphyxiant. There are not enough safety protections in place to ensure residents won't be harmed - or even killed if a pipeline were to leak or rupture.

Ask your state representative and state senator to adopt HB4835 / SB3441, a moratorium on CO2 pipelines. The bill prohibits the construction of CO2 pipelines until:

  • The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration completes its rulemaking, initiated after a pipeline rupture in Satartia, Mississippi, required the evacuation of 200 and put 45 people in the hospital, AND the State of Illinois completes a setback study and uses its findings to develop threshold criteria for evaluating safe setbacks proposed by developers; OR
  • The General Assembly passes a comprehensive carbon capture and sequestration bill that protects Illinois residents' health, safety, and drinking water from the impacts associated with this technology; OR
  • Four years have passed.

You can download our fact sheet, here.

Send a letter today!
Use this form below to contact your state representative and senator. Please take time to personalize your letter.  It makes a difference!  You can make your edits directly in the form.

You will need to fill in your contact information BEFORE you can submit your letter. That is how the program identifies who your elected officials are.  A copy of your letter also will be sent to Governor Pritzker, who needs to understand how important this moratorium is to you.

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