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Play two minute video by the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition of the bill signing.

SB2408, the Climate and Equitable Jobs Bill, Has Been Signed!
Yesterday, the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act was signed by Governor Pritzker along the shores of Lake Michigan. This is terrific news for all who live in Illinois, not only because of the provisions in this bill that will benefit communities of color, but also because it is a monumental step taken by the Illinois General Assembly towards preserving our climate at a time when such action is crucial. Watch the entire bill signing here.

Thanks to so many of you who did the work required to ensure this historic legislation could pass!  We know you made phone calls; sent emails and letters; made personal visits; and used social media to encourage your legislator to vote for the bill. Your actions pushed the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act across the finish line. Click here and here to see how your representative and senator voted. Because many of them also worked hard to pass this bill, we hope you will take the time to send a thank you letter to them today.

Contractors installing solar panels on residential garage. New Prairie Construction. Photo by Lan Richart. 2021.

What's Included in this Historic Legislation?
This fact sheet created by the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition does a good job of summarizing the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. This urgent, job-creating plan puts Illinois on a path to a 100% clean energy future, while providing a just transition for workers and communities historically dependent on dirty fossil fuels. It enacts some of the toughest utility accountability measures in the nation. CEJA will create jobs and wealth in Illinois’ Black and Brown communities, which are often the first to suffer negative consequences of pollution, but the last to reap the health and economic benefits of energy decisions.

What's Next?
It is going to take some time to prepare the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act for implementation. In the meantime, watch for state-wide opportunities by members of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition to "unpack" what is in this act in order to ensure residents, workers, businesses, and communities know how to take advantage of its many components. This includes (but is not limited to) energy efficiency; access to solar; workforce training hubs; electric vehicles; programs specific to help low-income communities; and assistance to fossil fuel workers and communities impacted by coal or natural gas plant closures.


Eco-Justice Collaborative is a proud member of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, which is made up of more than 200 consumer, business, environmental, environmental justice, health-care, faith-based and student organizations. EJC primarily works with communities and member organizations downstate.

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