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Protect Illinois from Carbon Capture, Sequestration, and CO2 Pipelines!
We have an opportunity to pass legislation that will provide protections for carbon capture, transport (CO2 pipelines), and sequestration. HB3119, the Carbon Dioxide Transport and Storage Protections Act, is being scheduled for a subject matter hearing (date and time not yet set). This bill does many things, including:

  • Preventing eminent domain for CO2 pipelines and forced acquisition of pore space in sequestration areas.
  • Maximizing protections against:
    • Added pollution at facilities attempting to capture to carbon.
    • Risks posed by CO2 pipelines that carry an asphyxiant (via safe setbacks and emergency preparedness).
    • Damage to farmland from the emerging spider-web of carbon pipelines.
    • Increased CO2 emissions when oil is recovered with CO2, and then is burned.
    • The contamination of drinking water by leaking CO2 from underground storage sites.
  • Holding the developer /operator - vs. the state (taxpayer) - responsible for long-term monitoring and post closure care of a storage area.
  • Ensuring the project operator is responsible for CO2 releases.
  • Providing opportunities to engage with a project developer to get information, raise questions, and express concerns that could influence the design (or feasibility) of a carbon capture, CO2 pipeline, or sequestration project.

But YOUR elected officials need to know about this bill, and support it by adding their name as a cosponsor! And this is where you come in. We need you to ask your state senator and representative to sponsor HB3119.  Simply fill in the form  below with your contact information, then click "NEXT". You can send it as is - OR modify it as you like.

Please take a moment to do this now, and then share this page with your colleagues, family, and friends.

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