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EJC Blog Posts Eco-Justice Collaborative’s posts explore current issues around climate, sustainability, and justice.  Each respects our mission and work in each of these areas, including local, regional or statewide campaigns. CCS Lobby Day in Springfield, April 17Join us in Springfield for a CCS Lobby Day on 4-17! Ask your legislators to support three bills […]

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CLIMATE CHANGE CLIMATE & EQUITABLE JOBS ACT DOWNSTATE CAUCUS OF THE ICJC IMMEDIATE Action Required Stabilizing Earth’s temperature to significantly reduce risks to societies now requires greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero by 2050. The IPCC acknowledges technologies capable of large-scale removal don’t yet are still being researched. Technologies such as carbon capture and […]

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Immigration, Climate, Foreclosures

Working with the Heartland Coalfield Alliance, EJC sends delegations of local activists to learn about the impact of coal mining in central and southern Illinois, which includes destruction of farmland, natural areas, and entire communities, and groundwater pollution from coal slurry and unlined pools of coal ash and sludge.

Like tar sands oil, much of Illinois’s high-sulfur coal is being exported to developing countries – which Richart argues should put to rest the argument that “all-of-the-above” development is needed for “energy independence.”

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