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Tell the Corps of Engineers:  Permitting Navigator's 1350-mile CO2 pipeline as 1800 separate projects is unacceptable!
As part of its on-going campaign to stop the proliferation of CO2 pipelines in Illinois, Eco-Justice Collaborative  (EJC) has been monitoring Navigator CO2 Ventures’ permitting process with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Under the authority of the Clean Water Act, the Corps must issue permits for the deposition of fill or dredged material into surface waters, including rivers , tributaries, and wetlands.

Navigator CO2 Ventures is seeking permits to construct its "Heartland Greenway," a 1350-mile pipeline across five states, terminating in central Illinois. EJC has obtained documents under the Freedom of Information Act showing that the project would cross over 1800 waters of the U.S. and impact over 150 acres of wetland.The project also includes horizontal directional drilling under major rivers, such as the Illinois and the Mississippi.

As incredible as it may seem, the Corps is ready to permit the project, not as a one complete pipeline, but as 1800 separate projects, under its expedited Nationwide permitting program. This will allow the pipeline to proceed without a full environmental review or any public comment.

We think that this is outrageous and an abuse of the permitting system.
Navigator's "Heartland Greenway" is one project and should be treated as such, with a full assessment of cumulative impacts and opportunities for the public to weigh in.

Will you help us send a message to the District Engineers of the Corps and your elected officials, calling on the Corps to treat the pipeline as one 1350-mile project, and prepare an environmental impact statement with an appropriate public involvement process?

Just fill in your contact information and click next to read the letter. You can modify this letter if you like - or send it as is.

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